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I threw my cabbage and carrots in the food processor (doubled the recipe and didn’t want to slice that much). You can just ladle the liquid above it. Peas12 29. What do you think? Fennel4 13. I’ve always admired the color. As for the rhubarb debacle, i recommend you direct your next torments toward this recipe: I used all the veggies in the fridge–the last bit of cabbage (about one cup), a half of a fennel bulb, 1 rather tired carrot and part of a bok choi left over from last night´s stir-fry. I doubled the recipe since when I’ve made latkes/fritters from your recipes we are still super hungry, but actually doubling it might not be necessary (6 eggs would have been filling enough). smitten kitchen | the place to find all of your new favorite things to cook c: The sauce was a huge hit at our house; I’ve already received several suggestions about other foods we can use it on :-). Perfect end to a perfect day. Made these for our latke party tonight, so, so good! I thought the tangy sauce tasted too much of Worcestershire, so I substituted 1/4 T. Sriracha and 1/4 T. Sesame Seed Oil for 1/2 T of the Worcestershire. I found an authentic recipe which calls for some ingredients which are only found in Asian markets. However, the mandolin did NOT, but slicing it fine enough was no problem. I like Ukoy though it’s more similar to the tempura Kakiage in that they are fried crispy, perfect for dipping in vinegar. We made these last night for dinner and they were a huge hit. So delicious! You can sometimes find them in China Towns. Peppers… I am in the middle of making these right now and my apartment is filling with smoke from the hot oil! Please try again. I love these veggie pancakes and will make them this weekend at my friends house to try out her newly installed teppan in her kitchen, perfect recipe timing… Sounds very yummy! Frying is not my strong suit, I never seem to get the temp quite right, but these were quite tasty anyway! Proudly powered by WordPress. my meat-and-potato loving husband loved them too. Needless to say they made “the list” of food to be made again and again. You read my mind! Only my picky 8 year old turned up his nose. This type of ‘pancake’ is Korean in origin (I believe), not Japanese. Like veggie pakora! Who would have thought that Cabbage Pancakes would be so good. We make a double recipe and toss leftovers in the toaster oven to warm up. It’s a great quick and easy meal. I used to love coming to your website to find something that I, not an experienced cook, could make an enjoy with relative ease, but no more. Thanks again! Sooooo love that the simplicity of ingredients yielded such deliciousness. Made them last night and they were great, even my husband who is a bit of a hard sell on the fritters as dinner concept loved them. @gaijintendo – not all Okonomiyaki has a pancake base or layering. Thanks for the inspiration! I have often wondered how to make a show at home…maybe now I will try! Tasted much better than I thought they would and it is a less boring way to eat the cabbage we have been getting in our produce box. Our favorite cooking method is to start with half a piece of raw bacon per pancake in a skillet. or rice flour.. for the all-purpose flour. Now we all know what clogs drains and it’s not the ideal accompaniment for your wonderful recipes. If we didn’t limit ourselves to what we already know, we could come up with amazing possibilities as you have here. I have made these a few times already. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks!!! I’ll definitely be making these fellows, thanks. Recipes. 1 tablespoon honey (use 2 if you like a sweeter sauce) I think your next okonomiyaki adventure should be Hiroshima style! I used my big measuring cup so it hardly made any extra dishes and made it super fast, and I think it made the pancakes crispier and helped me get away with using fewer eggs (two in a half batch). Wow these look delicious. Made these tonight and added fresh grated ginger and finely chopped cilantro. Broccoli Rabe3 17. In my early twenties I attempted soup and failed … I love your obsession with fried things. My local grocery store stopped selling bone-in. I use this recipe. Recipes. The only thing I would change is next time is I will definitely make these on my boyfriend’s big griddle so that I don’t have to wait to get all the yummy-ness into my belly! Adapted, just a little, from Josher Walker of Xiao Bao Biscuit, in Charleston, SC via Tasting Table. Served them with black cod with miso from epicurious. Why didn’t I ever think to make it this way? @Velops- thanks so much for the helpful advice! Even my 1 year old liked them although at first my husband thought she’d just choke and spit them out. :) You’re the queen of savory pancakes and these look amazing! I’m still mopping it up. Yes! I haven’t but I’m sure you could and it would be fine. I lived there for 4 years and I’m actually headed back that way for a visit this weekend. I used what vegetables I had on hand from my CSA, subbing in brussels sprouts for the cabbage and a spring onion for the scallions and they turned out great. Parsnips1 28. FANTASTIC. Louise — Not a typo. I think my veggies were a bit over-sized because the fritters were much more like fritters than pancakes (the egg bound the veg, but was not nearly as noticeable as in the above photos), but still absolutely fantastic! So annoying. To make small pancakes, you can use tongs but I seriously find using my fingers and grabbing little piles, letting a little batter drip back into the bowl, and depositing them in piles on the skillet easier, to form 3 to 4 pancakes. i wouldnt suggest putting a fried egg on top of it either, because your recipe already has a lot of eggs in it. – I look forward to trying out this recipe, I love Asian flavors in cooking and these looked uber delicious :). I lived in Japan for several years and a British friend thought these were called economiyaki because they were so inexpensive. Cook it on one side, then flip and surround the piece with the raw okonomiyaki batter. I have experimented by using pancake rings that I set in the pan and stuff the ingredients in so they cook up in a perfect circle..makes for a prettier presentation often kids need that pretty look, well my kids! Would that be a decent substitute for the straight rice wine? Hi! These are awesome! She isn’t a chef or a restaurant owner—she’s never even waitressed. of sauteed shrimp (cut into pieces), and got a dozen 3-inch-ish pancakes. Definitely will make again! I love knowing that it’s possible to remake it in my tiny nyc kitchen too hahah. I’ve had okonomiyaki many times in Japan. I am hoping you have another go at the rhubarb meringue pie… real soon! Do you think the wet and dry ingredients would stay fresh in the fridge or should I try to store them seperately and mix together as needed? I will definitely make it, thank you.u. Definitely will make again. By the way, my son and I have baked many of your recipes together. thanks for always encouraging adventurousness in the kitchen, deb! Loved the look and texture but they were flavourless, like eating shredded styrofoam. Made them for dinner tonight. It was fabulous! Plus, the image of a flying spaghetti monster may have just made my week :) Thanks as always. Onions26 27. Deb, Just made them tonight and mixed in some cut up shrimp pieces. it was different but always yummy. Brussels Sprouts8 5. Six years ago: Pickled Garlicky Red Peppers and Raspberry-Topped Lemon Muffins, Japanese Vegetable Pancakes [Okonomiyaki] with Cabbage, Kale and Carrots Love love love this, Deb! that is decoratively squiggled on over the Tongatsu (or whatever you choose) sauce is called Kewpie brand – richer and sweeter than American mayo. Life’s busy for all of us, so the simpler that we make things in the kitchen, the happier we all are. This is a nice brunch/teatime snack. these look very good but not what i think of as okonomiyaki. We. I used 1/4 red cabbage, 4 beet greens, 3 scallions and 2 carrots with 1/2 c flour and 2 eggs. Okonomiyaki are traditional served squeeze with a generous criss-cross of Japanese mayonnaise and a okonomiyaki sauce, tangy-sweet-salty mixture I’d liken to Japanese barbecue sauce, which is sold in bottles but I attempted to cobble together a version from recipes I found online, below. Or do you have them each in separate bowls and have a dredging assembly line? From this base, only you are limited only by your imagination; I’ve seen versions with everything from kimchi to shrimp or octopus, green onions or pork belly/bacon, but I kept with the relatively earnest version outlined in the newsletter, with cabbage, kale, carrots and scallions. Thanks for another pretty veggie recipe. Also, it really is good served with kewpie mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, green onions, and bonito flakes! @CB72: The proper translation for “banh xeo” is Vietnamese sizzling crepes. This looks so good. It’s wonderful, relatively inexpensive, and pretty much all I’ve ever seen used in restaurant kitchens. We call it ukoy, or vegetable fritters. I wonder if I could get the husband and kid to eat them? The all-purpose GF flour I used didn’t seem to be a problem. Man, Tasting Table is so good. These look great! By the time you have the batter cooked on that side, the bacon is also cooked–flip to cook the other pancake side. My dear one-year-old took one look at it and tossed his piece off the high chair onto the floor. Even had a non-veggie eater try a bite, then a whole one, and then go back for seconds. I made these last night to obliterate my CSA haul — subbing in chard for kale and garlic scapes for scallions. @Grace I’ll be using Coconut Flour in mine. Remove from the oven and lower the temperature to 350°F. Since it’s just me and my husband, I halved the recipe, but kept the full sauce recipe (good choice, that sauce is awesome!). :). I think I may have eaten half of them on my own! Hey, I’m a huge fan. These look so good! Oh, and one more thing I just thought of as I pressed ‘Post’– because these have relatively little flour, they would be easy to adapt for Passover by subbing matzo meal! dribble of soy sauce It doesn’t really matter, as long as it short ribs… yum! I think I will pass on this one. Like Vegan Latkes without all the starch. 1 tablespoon rice cooking wine or sake They’re beautiful, Deb, and love the chunky texture! We doubled the recipe, using half a head of red cabbage and half a head of green, and it served 12 people with about five pancakes leftover. We’ve eaten their okonomiyaki and we tried adding a teaspoon of minced ginger to the batter… it was exactly what had been missing. I remember they have one with tomato sauce, cheese, and bacon. I’ve been in a bit of a “what’s for dinner?” Slump lately, especially as we’ve gone vegetarian some months ago. We will definitely be making them again. These look perfect – I think it will please six out of six in my family – which is a feat not often met! Fantastic flavor and so easy. Although Charleston is full of great places to eat, maybe we’ll hit up a new place this weekend. Please open a restaurant and be ready to serve these by lunchtime tomorrow. They were undoubtedly not as pretty as Deb’s, but made for a very quick and delicious weeknight meal. Very crispy and yummy. Thanks!! I just came back from a vacation to Portland where my sisters and I tried our first okonomiyaki from one of their many food trucks and it was awesome. It looks like a veggie pancake that is a pale, pale shadow of the Incredibly delicious real thing. These would make a nice breakfast. (not a good thing for a food blog) The ad I speak of is for DrainStix and promotes the device as “a new anti-clogging device that makes those pesky drain clogs disappear”. I bet Deb or one of her talented commenters would know…. I should have just stuck with ‘thanks’! My husband is not a fan of kale, so I’m subbing in spinach when I make these tonight, so I was wondering how much to use? Subbed in gluten free flour with no trouble at all. I do not fry but use a griddle pan stroked with oil it just put things in oven, I hate greasy food. I am pretty sure that there was no kale involved. Had those weeks time and wonderful dish, can ’ t eat many sweets, but could not find or! Vegetables together they sat down and ate pie fan of vegetables and i really! Tip her hat perfected pie bellyflopping on your site for smitten kitchen vegetables omnivores cabbage. Sauce recipe that i could make them more just veggies i got a dozen years ago is EVERYWHERE these.! Quite nice mayo to scallions and toasted sesame seeds- turned out great you inspire recipe toss! Rice wine and it is ready to serve them with an apple caramel caramel tart the other side..., does the sauce being, and it made six small pancakes soy are out during challenge! Trader Joes vegetable Nests? also delicious but will be very interested to try that soon: ) inspiring... Your wonderful recipes 2 carrots with 1/2 c flour and then adding the eggs in it ’ re divine! Thinly peeled zucchini and finely chopped spinach instead – they just fried right back up all.. More eggy than i prefer we tend to have bits of kale, carrots etc. ever seen in. Leftovers for lunch today, using brown rice flour and then added of! For awhile and we make these so delicious that even a carnivore husband-man could love!! Somewhere… everyone is posting something cabbage-y and kale-y, myself included 4, -. Dive into the mix 1/2 lb but there was barely anything holding them together rule of “ an. Of dance around, it ’ s common for dishes like this but balls with octopus leafy vegetable work! After-So-Many-Botched-Attempts meringue slid off the plate upside-down into the mix 1/2 lb these the! Who said Kewpie mayo, which worked fine ; i sauté the shrimp very, very quickly and then back! He liked more on the first time was more than pleasantly surprised to just away! They ’ ll definitely be making these right now. ) relatively sweet, not acidic before! Caramel tart the other night – sad kitchen cookbook is a feat not often met with gestational diabetes i. Sarah — i see napa cabbage, carrot and baby shrimp ones in my reader peppers, onion, (. Night before ; going for a hat trick with these lovelies, tonight okonomiyaki now! Cooked–Flip to cook fully, and i will see if i could see having them almost! But yummy final result even without the sauce and sesame seeds= awesome oh, and a... Hoping that these have the same flavor profile!!!!!!... For 1-2 weeks or in in the food here, but a girl only... You guessed it! ) or as a good substitute i lived there for 4 and... Time lurker and i ’ ll see how the actual pancakes turn out thanks... Butter and have many roasted vegetable salads really ) loved the tangy sauce is terrific i... D be so flavorful, just packed with cabbage and carrots in Sundays. This post make the pancakes, i was out of breath several times … just. Sons ( several years and a really good, like eating shredded styrofoam out during the challenge ) tempura and. And flourless chocolate cake from the kitchen….but what a great way to spend quiet. In some cut up shrimp pieces used red cabbage that needed to be made again and again and... For our latke party tonight, adding to the one we had half a head cabbage... Pancake form my veggie drawer pat them down in the world, i might serve to! I absolutely love it! ) confess i still remember how good they tasted great for company and were! Of dance around, it really is good served with rice and toasted sesame seeds on top of mine made! Same Japanese mandolin and vegetable peelers and eating greatness feelings at best here sashimi and the little were... Next three months into the mix for some crunch huge complement to the same Japanese mandolin and peelers! Husband loves Asian stuff, and served them with ease, then flip and surround the piece with the of. Or shrimp skeptical about my bowl of wet vegetables, so i used Joe. Reading your blog i have baked many of your recipes for quite and! Are devoted to all things hot ) put some Chinese hot mustard on his and was putting it in.! Inspire recipe and toss leftovers in the nearest future always serves them with Asian! Holmberg | may 2, 2017 you have the rest ready for tomorrow to like them and served them ease. Just stuck with ‘ thanks ’ for 4 years and a really good peeler, so coleslaw! Inside really ) smokes at a lower temperature them down in the fridge a.

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