borderlands 2 zero sniper build

Gearbox completely overhauled the loot system for the sequel and increased the variety and number of weapons to untold levels. The Psycho is an interesting class, it’s one that feeds on downed shields and low hp. The main build can be found on my doc here. You can either favor his melee attacks or focus on his sniping skills. Build #1 ”Shotgun Ninja” The first build we look at … For more help on Borderlands 2 builds, read our Gunzerker, Commando and Siren Builds Guide. Please note that builds are not articles and must therefore be a subpage of user namespace; a user talkpage (available to UCs also) a forum; A template may be available shortly after release date. Borderlands 2 Assassin Zer0 Builds. Guns. Good sniper build for Zero lvl 50-72 i need a good sniper build for zero, ive tryed a few things out myself but i cant seem to get a good one for UVHM, can anyone offer sudgestions Last edited by Torch ; Aug 7, 2015 @ 7:46am Can stack up to 999 times. This mod contains Borderlands 2 saved games that include all the gear in the game at OP10 level 80. But mostly it’s guns. Ezeith's Zero Sniping Build. Each character has modded stats including, skills, ammo, drop-able Eridium Stacks, Seraph crystals, and Torgue Tokens. With so many options, it can be quite a task […] Special offer Borderlands 2 Best Sniper Rifle For Zero And Division 2 Best Pve Ri Stacks begin to decay if you haven't scored a critical hit in a while. There are basically two different ways to build Zero in Borderlands 2. Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle gives you % Critical Hit Damage and % Damage with Sniper Rifles. 9 days ago The most important part: if you want sniper build, go sniper only and abuse ammo weighting. Category page for Zer0 Character Builds. Borderlands 2 Character Build: Psycho. Krieg, the newest class to grace the wastes of Borderlands 2 has finally had enough playtime to hopefully give you a solid no-holds-barred Borderlands 2 Character Build for the Psycho class. For more details check the description. For the last 2, pick things that will ensure you get out of FFYL quickly, such as Rocket Launchers. Until then please use .txt notation and/or table(s). Borderlands 2 is the epic sequel to the ultimate four-player role-playing shooter loot fest. Then Borderlands 2 came out and upped the ante. I won't go over skills, I already go over all of them on the doc. Well, that and lowbrow humor. It’s what Borderlands is known for. As the name suggests, this is a build that focuses on using snipers to their maximum effectiveness with Zer0. Although both of these will be highly useful for you in the game, we recommend gearing up Zero while focusing on his sniping.

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